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The Average Joe is the kind of person that likes to play games on their phone, but relatively goes outside of that comfort zone.

-Access to Full Game for free 1 month after release.

-Name in credits

Console Gamer
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The Console Gamer likes to play games in their free time, admiring the artwork and mechanics behind the game (and often raging in a Call of Duty match).

-Access to Beta versions of the game 1 month after release.

-Access to Full Free Game 1 month after release.

-Name in credits

PC Gamer
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The PC Gamer is a gamer at heart, spending a lot of their free time exploring the vast games available on PC. The PC Gamer also enjoys occasionally playing mods the community has made for that game. 

-Access to Alpha versions of the game 2 weeks after release.

-Immediate access to Beta versions of the game.

-Access to Full Free Game 1 month after release.

-Name in credits




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By becoming a Patron, you will be helping me not only pay for my bills while I create these games, but also help pay for my college which, in turn, will allow me to take courses that helps me make even better games for you fine folks! Patrons will be having access to all alpha and beta projects, with the tier system determining which versions or how soon you obtain access. For example, a $1 Patron might receive the alpha version of the game 2 weeks after a $5 or $10 Patron obtains it. Another example is say a $20-$30 Patron receiving updates immediately to the game to help test it and provide feedback.

Regardless of how much you donate, please do know that all donations are GREATLY appreciated. I understand you each have a real life and bills to pay as well, so that is why I will try my absolute very best to make sure there is no "favoritism" to any one person or tier of Patrons. While higher tiers will obtain game versions faster, it will be fair to all, and anyone who is a Patron will eventually obtain full access to the completed game for free (not having to pay an additional $20-$30 like those who are not a Patron).
$0 of $50 per month
When I hit $50 per month, I plan to start purchasing Unreal Engine 4 and courses on Udemy that come with it, allowing me to create a vast diversity of games for you!
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