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I don't think it's a "reward tier" - my channel's about provision of information to everyone and I don't like the idea of sectioning off content, so I'm just setting it at one dollar in the hope people think an ad-free experience is worth a buck. If you want to throw in more it'd be helpful, but by no means a requirement for content access. Thinking about doing something special like a Long Live The Queen stream or somesuch for patrons, but not sure if good idea or painkillers talking.




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Ohai, Who r u?

Greeterlings! That is a good looking face you have there sir! I too have a face - I'm Pooky - also belthazor3457 on youtube because names that came before planning to make videos... but most people call me Pooky or Bel for short. I make things that a bunch of people apparently enjoy, such as Tutorials for FPS games and League of Legends, gold-making guides for MMO's, Reviews of games (or weapons and items), and social commentary about things like sweaty male harems or redistribution of candy since my youth was pretty bizarre by some standards. Most of my content is hosted on youtube... however, because of reasons including but not limited to youtube going more ax-crazy than an overly-protective anime waifu, some content creators have started to seek funding elsewhere to keep their content free of "this video made possible by product placement and brand deal!"

Including me. Due to some IRL health issues, youtube's insanity has become so burdensome it has become a threat to my videos and started effecting them, which I want to correct post-haste. 

Whatcha Doing and what's all this words? 

In case you havn't heard, over the past year-and-a-half-or-so youtube's been toying with how they value a channel similar to how jigsaw might toy with someone's intestine, including brilliant plans like slashing income on shorter-length videos and giving financial incentive to elongate videos, taking steps against thievery by trapping the creator's content in purgatory and seizing the revenue, etc. etc. For example I made a finance tutorial for an MMO, some people made and uploaded copies - I didn't really care, but youtube decided the only fair thing to do was take the revenue from the original and de-monetize my video, placing it in "under-review" limbo for over an entire year, where it is to this day as I type this.

I kept the video up (I wasn't going to take it down because I think punishing the common person for the behavior of a few hooligans is wrong) and undeterred made part 2 of the series. The same thing happened - it was copied, youtube nicked my revenue, it has sat under review ever since, and several other videos were put under suspect seemingly arbitrarily - I was unable to continue my own series under threat of numerous videos being content-ID stolen from myself. Because that makes sense. 

Another example is some videos are designed to be short but heavily edited such as nutshell "lore in a minute" videos, music videos or songs, and the like (or in my case for example, something like Quick FPS Tactics: Effective use of Cannon Fodder) have their income slashed, encouraging the creator to make long let's-play type videos, even if that's not what their content normally is - because short videos (and long ones) that are edited or scripted to avoid uh's and um's are considered inferior to less edited ones (being longer due to inclusion of said uh's and um's and requiring less time to produce via less editing). 

There are more examples, but the punchline is this Patreon page exists because I don't want to censor my own content or cut projects because youtube's having a tantrum. It's caused interruptions already, and I would see them cease immediately - which I could do if I made enough via Patreon that I didn't need ads (and consequently didn't need to care about said tantrums). 

Be there random reward crap? 

I'm not planning reward tiers at the moment. My content is about information, and a large portion of it includes review / tutorial / critique. I can't think of anything consistently offerable on a reward tier since offering "premium information" is a contradiction to my videos which are already supposed to offer that - I wouldn't make an Autopsy asking the question "What Happened to Titanfall and Why Did We Forget About It?" if I were planning to add in "but pay a premium and you get the super secret answer that devalues this video by not being in it!" at the end. My videos are open to anyone, and I'd like to keep it that way. 

My only real 'objective' with the funding is to cover my current health issues, upgrade my outdated hardware (if I can't pawn off my 2004-era monitor as a collector's item) and a workable income - pay what you want, no more no less. I don't want to bludgeon people into giving me funds as that'd be in contradiction to what my channel is about, so hopefully I'm not shooting myself in the foot with this decision. Hopefully. 


I think it's fair to want some disclosure in regards to who you support, so let's be upfront: this page exists for the purpose of preserving the integrity of the channel and improve the quality thereof, which you can decide to support (or not) at your leisure - but since part of my content is social commentary (which may or may not be me high out of my mind on painkillers and talking about the problems that come with building a supervillain fortress), let's get the following out of the way now so it doesn't come up later: 

I'm fairly laid back about serious issues. Stressing over it isn't healthy. I don't get phased by controversy very much, probably because my earlier years were... colorful. I mention this because when it does come to controversy, I have a motto I go by - if you discover two extreme positions, assume the truth is somewhere in the middle and both extremes are embellishing their own claims and probably belittling the merits of the opposition to some extent.

Accordingly, many of my opinions are pro education and in favor of greater understanding of things, so you're not purchasing my agreement on any particular topic. There's a chance we'll disagree on things; not something I see as much of an issue, but for some it is, so be duly notified ahead of time. 

And the snark is non-negotiable!

Is that everything?

That's all the important things to the page and channel, I think... pretty sure. Youtube doesn't like it when I make shorter-length but heavily-edited videos and goes bonkers at random, went to crowdfunding to control the issue before it goes out of control. Got some health issues, but I try to make stuff consistently. Make social commentary too, partially influenced by colorful childhood and usually laid back in nature. I think that's all the important disclosures. This paragraph *should* function as a TL;DR. I think. Maybe. Possibly. 

Personally I think people would avoid adblock and the like if they could get a reasonable service for a reasonable price like getting a channel ad-free for a dollar, so my game-plan at the moment is just to upload my next several videos without any ads on them and set the Patreon bin at one dollar (since that sounds a lot more reasonable than the ten asked by youtube red) and hopefully I'm proven right and the plan doesn't come back to bite me. 

$0 of $400 per month
This should provide enough of a net that instead of penciling in youtube's tiny revenue and attempting to compensate for fluctuations, I can ignore it entirely and just upload videos without ads on them without consequence. Next few vids are planned to be ad-less in the hopes I reach my milestone.
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