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About Alexandr Spiridonov

Hello! My name is Alexandr and i'm make games about 20 years.
My start is Siclair's ZX Spectrum platform.
Now i'm making games for Xbox One.
Here is the list of my released games:
 The Challenge (Steam)
Langoth (Steam)
 Hyposphere (Steam)
 Hyposphere VR (Oculus Store)
Fly.Die.Repeat. (Oculus Store)
 Fly.Die.Repeat. (Microsoft Store)
 Fly.Die.Repeat. 3 (Microsoft Store)
 Fly.Die.Repeat. 2 (Microsoft Store)
 Jam Game (Microsoft Store)
$0 of $1,000 per game
All of my games (if it don't released in the Steam at this moment) will be ported and published to the Steam!!!
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