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About Dustin the German Agent

Throw out pop culture has been both amazing & disappointed from time to time. We also know that the so call "Next big thing" has been thrown out so many times. That we seen the rise & fall of many great ideas. Everything from technology  to comic books.

Just for added fun I will always talk about on what I think is the next big thing. So we all can jump in this amazing world of pop culture. I'll talk about great movies, T.V. shows, music, comic books & video games. As well as some books on pop culture.
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With this goal I this will found the website that I have. That mostly will be about two post a week.Plus I will do a feature that I will talk about some T.V. shows, indie films, web series & retro video games. I will be a weekly deal on my YouTube channel with a friend or a guest.
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