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About David Levin and Pop Goes The Culture TV

If you've ever fantasized about talking back to your TV... or being a talk-show host... or conversing with a celebrity - now's your chance!

Pop Goes the Culture TV is my talk show featuring in-depth conversations with celebrated actors, creators and personalities, delving deep into their careers and lives, with untold stories and anecdotes revealed here for the first time. I've been doing it for a few years now. For me, it's a labor of love.

Here's a look at the kinds of interviews we're doing:

Now, I’m expanding the show with all new interviews – and an extra bonus!

YOU CAN BE PART OF THE SHOW once a month when the show will be LIVE STREAMED.   You’ll have a chance to ask questions of the guests yourself over Skype or Facetime.

I'm calling the segment:

Catchy, right?

Watching the show, that will always be free!

But only MY PATREON SUBSCRIBERS ($4.99 a month and up) will get to Skype or FaceTime into the show and have an opportunity to get a FACE-TO-FACE TALK with a star!

It's your chance to connect with your favorite celebrities (for less than a Venti Latte).

What will I do with your hard earned monthly contributions?

My hope is to post at least one live interview a month, and also continue to post pre-taped interviews every week. Eventually, I'd like to do ASK THEM YOURSELF every week, to make sure that as many fans as possible can speak to our guests.

I'll also be engaging the services of one of the best celebrity booking producers in the business to ensure that we get access to top talent.

Your support will also enable me to continue to present our archival interviews. Sadly, some only exist on old VHS tapes and must be transferred and remastered. These are conversations that deserve to be seen, especially because some of these stars are no longer with us.

Here's what it takes to bring those interviews up to snuff:

Of course, my plan is to do even more live episodes. Every day if possible once we hit our goals.  With more stars.


To my knowledge, no one is currently doing a talk show like this.

Hope you'll help! Thanks!

Best, David

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