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26yo Australian gamer, new to streaming, old to gaming.

I create episodic Let's Play content for YouTube, posting new videos daily, twice a day on a good week ;) My current bread & butter is the Paradox Interactive grand strategy library, including HOI4, EU4, Stellaris & CK2. Between those regular episodic series that I stream & record, I also play a bunch of more casual games. You can expect bonus streams of Rocket League, World of Tanks, casual multiplayer party games, a bit of everything.

I'm hoping to turn my passion for gaming into some strong community engagement as my channel grows, building up regular viewers & a fan base, delivering great content for all who find it. I'm just about to hit my 1 year anniversary since I began this wild ride, and it's been an amazing one. This is something I plan to continue for as long as possible, and every contribution helps make that goal more achievable.

Every contribution will be used to deliver more content in higher quality more regularly :) my hope is to turn this from a hobby into a self-sustaining career, and with your help I can see that become a reality. My goals for this year include big upgrades to my PC to give me more options for what I stream and how I stream. I'm very heavily limited by my CPU at the moment, and hopefully I can clear that hurdle pretty soon.
$0 of $400 per month
My first goal is to upgrade my CPU/Motherboard/RAM to enable me to encode video much faster, which will let me play a tonne more games for you guys to enjoy :D

Speed 5 HOI4 is rather demanding after all ;)
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