is creating Fire Emblem Heroes and future FE Let's Plays

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First, let me start by thanking you for taking the time to even consider donating. It means so much to me that members of the cereal bowl community are willing to help out with some considerable expenses. While it might seem like your donation is wasted on someone who seems to summon all the time and has a job, please consider the following:

Current Expenses:
Adobe Premier Pro Subscription, Rent, Car payments, insurance, utilities, internet
phone, new i7 processor, food, vet expenses, and much more. 

Future expenses:
Elgato capture card, 3DS capture card,  New mic (the built-in mic is horrible), and games to stream. 

I don't expect anyone to cover a majority of these expenses, but I also want to be honest and say that any contributions you provide will help out tremendously. As an up and coming content creator, your donations might see me through the long hours of writing, recording, and editing, all for the sake of your continued entertainment and our community's perpetual growth.

Thanks once more and with all the gratitude I can muster, 


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