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Hi everybody!

Please check out this first release. I hope it will give you something to reflect upon.

Each film I create is massively different, but most take at least 15-25 hours of research, and then a good 15-25 hours of editing. I'll try to put a new one out each month, with your support I will. 

For this one, I took the great film Koyaanisqatsi, and completely cut it up, rearranged it, and mixed in audio, then took from about 12 different other sources including Inland Empire, animal rights films, nature documentaries, timelapse footage, and mixed the audio to it all to create something new. I hope the result is something informative, evocative, and inspiring.

PostModern Films is an idea I have that should change the way we envision filmmaking. There is so much content out there, so much went into creating it, including resources, set design, catering, and waste. Still, there is something that lingers and lasts from that process, a work of art.

Why should it stop there though? Why can't that art be transformed, recycled, remade, and perhaps even bettered? That is the true meaning of PostModern. Its seeing the world as mutable, and transformable, depending on the perspective. Taking what is there, and twisting it into something new is both Green and PostModern Art. That is what my channel PostModern Filmmaking seeks to reveal: The endless possibilities of transforming already made films into something totally new, different, and absorbing, without needing to literally remake content, spending all the natural resources that goes along with that.

So if this idea is exciting to you, if you gain some insight, and inspiration from my films. Please help me continue to make them, and educate you and others on this new art form of PostModern Filmmaking.

Thanks so much for watching, and remember, there are no rules to good and transformative art. Let our motto be, "Says who?"

Disclaimer: This channel is for educational purposes only.

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