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Hey everyone & welcome to my Patreon! I am Tea & I am best known for my semi funny videos on Youtube. I decided to make a Patreon so I can continue to post the content I love to share. Lately, as most of you know Youtube has made a lot of changes including demonetization basically ive not seen a single cent in my bank account so I figured I could post those videos here a day before and kind of let you guys know me on a personal level. I am also hoping here I can interact more one on one with you & give you exclusive content as well. I can't wait to share more! also im not in any way telling you to give me money its just until i get paid and obvs ill close this page down and do giveaways and stuff when i get paid but yeah ly xox
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When I reach this goal I will show myself haha jokes erm i dont know what do you want me t do when i reach this goal?
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