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About PoweredOn

Firstly, thank you for stopping by and checking out our patreon and welcome...

This is the official Patreon for PoweredOn with an aim to bring you more interactive content as we grow our website and presence over the coming year. The aim of our Patreon is simple, for you to help us advance our brand faster so we can, in turn, give more back to our community. We want to make exciting and funny youtube content, worthwhile podcasts for you to enjoy and invest in better equipment to ultimately provide you with a better experience.

Our tiers are set up to accommodate most donation amounts to give you the flexibility to support us should you wish to do so. Our Patreon is completely optional and we will still appreciate you even if you decide not to sign up :)

Some history of PoweredOn...

We've not always been called PoweredOn. We first started out as Gimme-Games back in September 2016. The aim was a lot simpler back then as all we had was an Instagram page and one member with a passion for gaming. Reporting on the news going on in the world of video games. I would post an image with a brief written news story for the content. It was certainly more of a hobby back then. 

The Instagram grew to around 200 followers with a fair few regulars making up a small community. The next natural step felt moving the idea into a blog with its own dedicated site. I opened a WordPress site with some limited functionality but it gave us the ability to take our articles to another level. Wordpress really allowed us to find our feet and take our hobby to more of a second job. 

More of the story to come...

Once again thank you for checking out our Patreon.
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This monthly amount means that not only will tier 2 & 3 members get a decent giveaway prize each month, we'll also be able to invest in some equipment for our team members. This will mainly consist of any programmes we may need or recording equipment to help enhance our video content.
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