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Hi there!

My name is Poyi and I’ve been crafting visual design and user experience for the past 10 years. On my spare time, I invest my time learning about design and hone my skills. Below are some of the topics I’m particularly interested in:
  • Design process and tools 
  • Prototyping 
  • Visual design & design trend
  • Design system
  • UX career and job searching

Aside from learning, I actively work on side projects whether it’s passion project or freelance design for clients. I also mentor designers to help hone their skills and/or to get their first job in the field of UX.

One of the goals I have is to contribute to the larger design community by sharing what I've learned, therefore I plan to use Patreon as a channel for me to post contents around UX design.

Most of the content will be available for free. I am offering mentor session at a cost of a Patron membership for people who are looking for 1-on-1 design help or mentoring.

I hope you find the content useful and please feel free to reach out if I can help with anything.



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