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is creating Acrylic Paintings, Doodles, Drawings, and other bits of art.



About Liz P.

Hey, Y'all. My name is Liz. I'm a stay at home mother who likes to vent her frustrations and exhaustion out in the form of art. A majority of what I do is painting and drawing, but I occasionally dabble in other things which I hope to share with you in the future.

While I love to share my stuff with others, my main purposes for having a Patreon account is to help support my family and to grow as an artist. I'm not shy in admitting that I'm no Picasso, but I try, and more importantly I enjoy what I do.

I look forward to growing with you on my journey.

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I've always been a firm believer that starting off small and setting realistic goals makes achieving those goals much easier and as I grow, so can my goals.
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