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You will get a Shoutout on my Youtube Channel. How? you may ask. The Shoutout will take place at the end of my latest upload of Halo Lore or any other latest upload.




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About PrefectMaster017

I'm a Youtuber who is just starting out so I only have 275 channel views (as of this moment) and 5 subscriber (as of this moment) and its my family including my dog. :( Anyway, my channel is going to be focused on producing gaming videos, Halo Lore videos, videos of me creating and inventing stuff at my workbench (like gun smithing and DIY Projects and Tutorials), Halo Glitches and Easter Eggs, me talking and giving information about space, and me capturing moments in my life that are funny or strange, and when I say this I don't mean uploading every 5 seconds of my life to a Social Media platform like Snapchat or Instagram. I mean capturing fail videos or funny videos with my friends and I.
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If I reach $500 per month, then I will release 2 Halo Lore videos per weak for the next month, (unless i am completely 0% able to do so ex: Family Issues or important trip where I can not fit in 2 Halo Lore videos per weak, but I will make those lost videos when I can).
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