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The Main Draft (google docs)
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This reward tier will unlock the ability to become one of the people that can see me first-hand writing my story and be able to comment and make suggestions on the google docs file itself. While this may not look like much, it does give some very early insight to my novel and can give you an opportunity to help me improve and develop the plot as it goes.
The Index
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This reward tier will unlock the previous tier's gains and now unlock the novel's Index. This index will be somewhat of a reference guide and on the characters, General Plot, notes, etc. this will be accessible via the same way the main draft will be (through a shared google docs file).



About Preston Wilt

Hello People of Patreon. My name is Preston Wilt and I personally welcome you to my page.
If one is to know, I write fictional novels containing aspects drama, science fiction, and even a little bit of steampunk-themed comedy-fantasy. My Novels are not for everyone in some style, but I feel that flaw is the unique factor that makes literary entertainment what it is. Edgar Allen Poe may have been a darkly minded writer, making people question his own sanity, But it would be his unique style of which he wrote and what he wrote upon that made him the powerhouse of the Romanticism era that we know of today as young children learn in English class his works of literature. All I am trying to say is I love writing my imagination out for others to see at the young age of 17 (as I write this description down), and I hope by my own writings to encourage other young people to do the same and spread their own form of creative scenarios to be read by others. After all, creativity can only be good if its used.
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Upon reaching 100 patrons, I will pick randomly a patron to be a minor character in the story, along with (under certain circumstances) requested dialogue being put in as a added bounus.
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