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Press For Earth was inspired by several independent media organizations among others like Peter Joseph and Jacque fresco of the Zeitgeist movies and movement and Venus project respectfully.
Press For Earth will be adding a viewpoint I feel is not represented enough online.

We will be challenging politicians on how to actually improve the world. And spreading information and advocating for a resource based economy that can serve all humans on this planet without the monetary system.

We will be giving speeches and lectures and attending UN assembly meeting etc.
Press For Earth will become a force to be reckoned with. Majority of money received will go back into the company to expand, grow, and acquire new and better equipment and hire additional employee's as the operation expands. I want to be able to pay employee's well which encourages the best work ethic and encourages the company as a part of each employee to expand.
I wish to launch many linked organization such as a non profit building company to build renewable energy around the world, as well as localized vertical farms which with the proper automation could achieve a level of production which allows all food to be free.
We will continue this model until every nation can achieve production high enough to sustain an abundance for all at no cost.
And we continue slowly from there. Moving into housing with 3D printing technology, and the ability to print full homes.
And so on to electronics, and products within the marketplace etc. and create such a level of production again to achieve an abundance where it would be insanity to steal or fight for these resources since they will no longer be scare and thus no longer an artificially elevated value.

If you agree with this model and want to help achieve a world like this in which we can food, clothe and house every human being on this planet then please support Press For Earth.

We are not affiliated with the Venus project or The Zeitgeist movies or movement, I simply advocate for them as I believe them to be the most viable option for society today.

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The goal of Press For Earth on Patreon is to accrue enough revenue to expand and hire additional employees & staff, as well as expand production level and quality.

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