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About Press Start With Mark

Hi I am Mark!

The aim of my channel is to empower people taking action in their life and take this first step towards watever makes them happy. Whether it is traveling more, setting up a small business, start a new hobby or tick items from their bucket list, the aim is to give them this missing motivation!

How do I plan to do that? Through 3 types of video content:

1) Ticking off items from my own bucket list and giving tips on how to achieve the same
2) Talking about topics relative to self development, productivity, motivation and anything in this niche
3) Working on some projects to help in real life some people to live a dream, start a project or face a challenge, by investing my time and imagination towards their goals!

I would love to become a Mr. Beast who gives money/help, to people who have a real story, who need/deserve it, people who have a dream, a talent or would do even greater things with this help and keep on spreading this positivity.

Help me helping others!

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