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Level 1 - Hermit crab
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Never question the power a single dollar of support can have!   

Financially its only small but in terms of motivation to continue creating new content each week its literally massive. 

In return you get: 

⁍ Access to my Patreon-only feed where you essentially have direct access to my phone, as your messages pop up on my screen.

I interact frequently with my patrons & share exclusive photos, posts & all kinds of updates about not just my tank but me as well.

⁍ A metaphorical pat on the back and warm fuzzy feeling for doing a good deed 

⁍ My everlasting gratitude...Thank you so much :) x 

Level 2 - Clownfish
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Its time for me to give you a 'high 5' my friend.

All of the above, aswell as:

 ⁍  Information on the topic of my next upload prior to it being uploaded

 ⁍ 1 x Supporter Shout Out on social media posts by tagging your account to either my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Level 3 - Flame Angelfish
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Now you're starting to make a real difference, $10 dollars gives me ten times the motivation to continue to improve my content for everyone. 

You will receive all of the above, As well as:

⁍ 3 x Supporter Shout Out on social media posts by tagging your accounts on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



About Prestige Reef

Welcome to the Patreon page of Prestige Reef

A continuously growing video-based free educational resource for all aquarists 

When Prestige Reef first started I wasn't sure if anyone was going to be interested in my content, but I wanted to at least try to make a difference for the beautiful creatures we keep.

The sad truth is many of the amazing creatures die due to a lack of proper knowledge on our part and if i can share my 10 years of experience to prevent others making the same mistakes I believed I could make a real difference.

I couldn't even imagine I'd be where I am now and when I look back to when I first started and from the feedback I have received I know I'm making a difference one tank at a time.
While also getting new people into the hobby...Be warned its addictive...amazing...but addictive. 

Prestige Reef Needs Your Help for two reasons...

The time commitment it takes for me to to produce high quality educational content and to keep my channel running currently averages around 15 - 20 hours a week, the latter being more likely and although I make a small amount of revenue from the adverts YouTube places on my video, in reality this really is a labour of love as that amount is so small (a few dollars a day) that relying on just that source of funding would mean I'm essentially working for free.
This time is spent, scripting, filming, editing, promoting and replying to all of your messages.

Here is a brief summary of how you are helping:

1. Supporting Prestige Reef on Patreon allows me to continue to produce educational videos which are helping the whole fish keeping community and in turn help to save the lives of the livestock we all love and care about. 

2. Allows me to purchase equipment to further improve my content for everyone. 

3. My long term goal is to start a facility which breeds fish and cultures corals.

Every penny donated is funnelled back into my channel to make it a better experience for everyone.  

How else can you help?

If you aren't able to help out financially, that isn't a problem at all!
There are lots of other ways you can help me and my channel.

Firstly - Subscribe to my channel but I'm assuming that if you're reading this you already have.
Secondly - Be sure to like, comment and share my videos 
Finally - Why not connect with my one my various other social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter?

Thank you for all your support so far, it allows me to keep doing what I love. 



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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 68 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 68 exclusive posts
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