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About Primate Punk

What’s your deal?

We’re PrimatePunk! A duo of two animators (for now) making cartoons because we can! We’re making content we feel like making, and if you’re here there’s a good chance you already know that youtube doesn’t treat animators too well these days. We want to make shorts that we think you people will enjoy, because we enjoy them! The community seems to be dying out these days and we don’t want to see short form animation go away on youtube. We’re going to make toons because we want to do it, but if you feel like supporting us along the way and you like what we’re doing, consider tipping us here on Patreon!

Alright, well who are you guys?

Aron Keyser is the big guns in this operation. He’s been running the channel for a while already. These past few years, Aron has taken to doing studio work to pay the bills, and even worked for a season on The Amazing World of Gumball! That’s pretty cool, right? Having more professional experience under his belt, he now brings that back to the table ready to make shorts better than ever! And hopefully more frequently...

RocketDogShawn is the extra muscle! He’s got experience working with others all over youtube for the past several years, and has spent the past few doing freelance gigs. You may have seen his work on other youtube channels in the past! Either way, Shawn has experience making short form toons and has worked with Aron on several projects in the past! You’ve already seen his work on other PrimatePunk toons and maybe didn't even know it! It’s like he’s already been here for years. So get used to it.

What’s in it for us?

Maybe some behind the scenes stuff, in progress rough animation, scrapped projects, projects files to finished cartoons, music tracks used in cartoons going forward, stuff like that. But mostly, you should only support us if you want to! Our content is always going to be free for you to watch. Donating to us on Patreon just helps us out, and lets us pay our friends to help us on bigger projects we want to make too! Consider it a tipping jar of sorts!! And, you’ll get your name up in the credits on cartoons for your support! Show your friends how cool you are, you can pretend you’re a producer.

Alright, well I’m broke. But I still wanna help somehow.

No worries! Any word of mouth support we can get helps us out too! If you like our videos, share the links on facebook, twitter, tumblr, wherever you want to show your friends. You can subscribe to our channel, leave comments and engage with us! We reply sometimes. Don’t forget to smash that bell or whatever, youtube has been funky with subscription notifications and it’s the best way to make sure you see every video that comes out.

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These are general updates taking a look at what we're currently working on. You'll probably be seeing the cartoon in it's most earliest forms from the animatic stages to it's later production. You will also get credited as a patron in the credits of each video.

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Basically the same as the first tier, plus a one time requested drawing of your choice! 

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