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About Prince Tumi

Hello everyone! I'm Tumelo Mabuya (a.k.a Prince Tumi) of "Tumi's Doodles", "Gap Year Adventures", "SaintLife Comix", "Prince Tumi Reacts" and "Basic Drawing with Prince Tumi" and "Writing Thoughts with Prince Tumi"! I'm a qualified graphic designer and an artist of many trades (including illustration, photography, writing, blah blah blah exposition dump). Hopefully you've seen either my comics, art, podcast or writing online.

When I'm not working on my many creative projects, I'm often freelancing to keep myself afloat and thinking of a million different types of artworks and fan art and comics I want to work on. By supporting me on Patreon you will be giving me the ability to focus more of my time and energy on my webcomics, art, podcast and YouTube channel.

If you're a fan of my work, this means you'll be helping me free up time to create more of the content you love for all my projects and you get to enjoy more stuff (short stories, fanart, future web comics, etc)!!!

In case you have any questions about how Patreon works, see below:

Patreon allows you to offer to pledge money to my work in exchange for rewards.

How does it work?

When you click the “Become a Patron” button, you can select how much you want to pledge per month. You'll be charged automatically, and can adjust or cancel your pledge at anytime. Seriously though, there's no pressure – most of my content is free.

This money will go towards helping me keep the comics, all that art you love, the YouTube channel and everything else running as well as help cover some basic expenses and feed some orphaned dragons. Somewhere down the line I will also be making videos where I'll not only let you watch me draw but I'll also make vids and posts that discuss writing and the different ways to go about it.

I'm grateful to all who will support me.

Prince Tumi

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