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About The Princess and the Scrivener

Greetings, subjects! We're the Princess and the Scrivener, a pair of best friends based in Florida who love Disney and analyzing it (and other media) from an intersectional perspective.

If you love our content and you'd like to help us get better equipment, see each other more often, or influence our videos, we hope you'll support us here on Patreon. Every dollar helps. We'll be expanding this page in the future to include some actual perks like early access to extended P&S Watch Series videos, as well as playing a role in picking the next Woman Crush Winesday

You can follow us both on social media to hear about videos and what's going on in our lives. Enjoy your stay!

Paige the Princess: TwitterInstagramTumblrGoodreadsKo-fi
Sarah the Scrivener: TwitterInstagramTumblrGoodreads
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