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About Princeton Digital Media

Welcome to the Princeton Digital Media Patreon page!

Princeton Digital Media was created by myself, John Jurado, and my partner Deaubrey Devine. We originally started our careers as filmmakers 10 years ago, in 2007, under the name Princeton Production. In 2017 our channel was hit with a devastating subscriber glitch that caused us to lose subscribers everytime we uploaded a video. BUT we couldn't just give up on our dreams. So we decided to rebrand ourselves and start all over as....Princeton Digital Media

We are working on a lot of awesome video series!

Here are a few of the video series we are currently working on. You can watch them all on our YouTube channel.

Game of Honor Show!
Game of Honor is a combination of modern-day e-sport and entertainment. The talents of the show also know as players, compete for top prices in the promotion. Such prizes can consist of championships, unique opportunity, Money, and many more incentives. Game of Honor combines my love for professional wrestling and our passion for video games into something that's never been done before.

The Life Sucks Podcast!
In this comedy podcast, we tell funny stories about our past that weren't so funny at the time. Hopefully, our horribly funny experiences can brighten up your day and encourage you to share your own funny stories with all of us!

Etsy Loot!
This is where we keep it real! 100% genuine reviews of products on Etsy. Not only do we promote the shops, we offer discounts codes so you can buy more for less!

A comedy vlog series that shows life from Deaubrey's point of view. In this series you can get to know us both on a more personal level and see how we attempt to balance our work and personal lives. 

Where does the money go?

Every dollar pledged goes towards making our shows better (paying actors, talents, artists), upgrading equipment, and buying props/costumes. It also helps fund the rewards and interactions here, so we can keep you involved in the process!

You’ll be able to help us reach certain milestones (be sure to check all those out over in the 'GOALS' section) so we can do things like upgrade our equipment, release extra video content, give you free T-shirts, and many more cool things. We have a BIG PLANS for our futures, and our goals gives you a good idea of the direction we're headed!

So what’s in it for you?

As a patron, you can pledge any amount of your choice, and pick a tier of rewards to go with it. Choose from things like:

  • Access to exclusive behind the scenes content
  • Vote to help decide our content
  • Free Monthly Exclusive Posters
  • Free Monthly T-shirts

We’re so incredibly grateful for your support, and we’re excited to have you on board for so many more adventures.

Princeton Digital Media is going to be HUGE, together we'll create something that's never been done before, and it'll all be thanks to YOU.

$41 of $300 per month
When we reach $300 per month, I'll be able to quit my 9-5 job and work full time to create better content and videos for all of you!
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