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Apprentice Printsmith
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 The Apprentice Printsmith tier gives you access to one small prop a month. Such as the "Hunter Knife" from Destiny or the "Predator Pistol" from Mass Effect 

Novice Printsmith
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 The Novice Printsmith tier gives you access to one small prop, like the Apprentice Printsmith tier, as well as one medium sized prop a month. Such as Thor's hammer Mjolnir or Wolverine's claws.

Intermediate Printsmith
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 The Intermediate Printsmith tier gives you access everything from the previous two tiers as well as one helmet file each month. Like the MK L Iron Helmet or the Civil War Black Panther Helmet




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About Printed Reliquary

Hello everyone, my name is Devonte Jackson, owner of Printed Reliqaury. A small 3D printing business of me, myself, and I that works to create props and armor for cosplay and film. As well as figurines for the avid collectors.

But now I would like to share my work with those who already have their own 3D printers, by giving them access to the 3D models that I create.Allowing them to forge these creations themselves. So please any tier you join is well appreciated. And if you want to show more support or get in contact with me directly, please go and follow the Facebook and Instagram pages.

I will also be creating a YouTube with tutorials on how I model some of these files and post processing some of my prints. So be on the look out for that in the future. Thank you!
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Once I reach $50 a month, everyone will get access to a special large prop file no matter what your tier is.
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