ProbablyMaxxx (Max Dixon)

is creating a Stronger Pokemon Go community in North East Ohio

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Before I begin explaining what I am doing, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Max Dixon, and I play under the username ProbablyMaxxx. I am a frequent Pokemon Go player at Lake Anna and I've played on and off since the game's initial release. One thing I missed from the Pokemon go in late 2016 was the scanners, otherwise known as location maps. I decided i wanted to bring this back and I did. There were expenses though, so i started a Patreon. The map is still alive and working, if you want to see for yourself, visit (you must be in the discord at the top of the description, that is how access is granted). I have helped set up multiple servers across North East Ohio in addition to the map. I quickly realized that I want to help other communities all across North East Ohio become more organized and have better communities. So I use the left over money from the map funding to help fund some cool events and projects such as cookouts, get-togethers, tournaments, prizes and much more. As of right now (9/8/19) I am in charge of 6 discord servers and 2 Facebook groups. Altogether this is around 9,950 people. I appreciate the donations as I try to improve the Pokemon Go community where I can!

Now here are some benefits you get from donating! 
You will get the role "@Donator" in then Pokemon Go Lake Anna discord server.
This role give you access to IV feeds and optional notifications for certain IV spawns! The current feeds we have are 100%, 0%, and PvP Perfect. The map team and I are looking to add more channels such as Team Rocket feeds and rare quest feeds in the near future!

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