Sad Dad

is creating album covers, gifs, and wholesome portraits of your mom
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a sweet son
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jpg sent to your email of a monthly sketch completed on stream. be sure to send your email. <3
Fatherly Love
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My son's who commit to me only get the best. Redeem a cute sketch during stream, and you will receive a jpg you can keep 4ever <3
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Boy Boy's Sports League
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Pick your team number to show your bro's you are apart of the BBSL. Receive a sporty portrait/jpg of your jersey.  I will teach you how to lace up your boots and dry those tears. 
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About Sad Dad

Hello It's me, your dad speaking. A big chill dad who never cries. As every dad does, I love my sons. Creed is real music. No I don't have a penis. God bless esports. Sometimes I water my neighbors lawn for fun.

erm, i'm a freelance artist :) and i play a lot of videogames. Melee is my fav <3 

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