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About Professor Otaku

Who is This Goofball?

Way back when in 2009, I started doing this review show with the computing equivalent of a can and a piece of string. I was going along fine until about 2012 when the D2brigade, which I had headed, disbanded and have been muddling along ever since. Since my tastes run towards the more retro, there's plenty of shows out there ripe for the slapping around, and I'd love to keep making content so long as its cost effective. Granted, cost-effective to me means 'any profit at all', but if it takes off like I hope, I'll be able to keep doing it for a long time.

What Do You Do?

Right now, I'm hunting for funding for my two shows, Anime Dissection and Free Play. That's essentially it, and if people are interested in supporting me, then I have the impetus to keep producing to a consistent schedule. I love doing these shows, and I'd like to keep at it, but if no one is that into it, I won't fret too much about tossing them up at random. Basically what I'm asking for is that you fine folks light a fire under my butt to create some structure. 

What Else are You Hoping to Do?

In addition to the usual shows, I'm intending to start doing a new crop of shows, more focused on the history of anime. The three shows I currently have in mind are called The Greatest Characters You've Never Heard Of, The Gundam Retrospective and A Brief History of Mecha . Greatest Character is going to be focused on older anime and how they've influenced the current anime world, in a sort of 'Did-You-Know' style. A Brief History of Mecha is precisely that, starting all the way back in the black-and-white days. Gundam Retrospective looks back over the monolithic franchise that is Gundam, and plots the ups and downs as it went along

So Now What?

Well, you made it this far. I'm always listening for suggestions of other goals and rewards, and if nothin' else, I'd love to get a bigger audience. Thanks for taking the time to look!
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