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is creating a podcast for people tired of all the BS in politics.
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Swear Jar
per creation
offering $1 to the "Swear Jar" will cause Chris to edit one curse word from Jessie and replace it, 1980's style, with a ridiculous similar sounding word.. like instead of  "Mother F'ers", you will hear "Fudger Muffins. The swear jar recycles with each episode's upload. However many bucks we find in there, that will determine how many words get replaced.
Please Swear MORE Jar
per creation
 $2 dropped into THIS Jar will cause Jessie's edited words to go back to  the original swear words. If no dollars are placed in this "Swear Jar"  but there are dollars in the "Please Swear MORE Jar", Jessie will recite  a haiku of ONLY curse words at the end of the ProgRam episode. If there  are $20 or more in this jar, Chris will recite an Dirty Nursery Rhyme  at the end of the episode.  All effects of dollars in these jars are  returned to 0 and restart after the currently effected episode is  uploaded. 
Free Music From "MCDJ Billy Slick"
per creation
Offering just $5 will earn you a free song from the creator of all the original music heard on Progressive Rampage, MCDJ Billy Slick. 




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About Progressive Rampage

Chris Garrou, Jessie Chaney, and Josh Cameron are the hosts of Progressive Rampage. Each comes from a different background and sometimes they view issues very differently. Josh wants folks to #GetWithTheProgRam and not just show up to vote every 4 years... DO SOMETHING TO BE THE CHANGE! Jessie provides his Blue-Collar-Intellectual perspective on current affairs.. and keeps everyone laughing in the process. Chris is kinda..pardon the Steelers Wheel reference... stuck in the middle with you ;) He also conducts interviews with volunteers and activists to provide perspective on those who do the "heavy lifting" in the various political movements that are always going on whether the mainstream corporate media covers them or not.
$0 of $500 per creation
We need to pay for the hosting of the podcast WITH the podcast rather than our day jobs ;) We can also begin to buy small social media ads to help spread the word about ProgRam!  $500 would get us through 1.5 years roughly.
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