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Welcome, friends!

AlphaBeta is in development, currently being produced entirely by one single dude. But it occurs in a universe full of characters and alien species that help quell the loneliness.

Taking place in an unknown part of the galaxy during an unknown era, AlphaBeta is a story about player choices, meeting aliens, and exploring strange planets in search of the true history of humanity's journey through the stars.

Inspired heavily by space trading games of old, such as Star Control 2 or Starflight, the player is given a ship to pilot across a vast galaxy of stars. Along the way, the player will be able to upgrade their ship at stations, trade commodities, scan objects and mine for resources, explore the surfaces of alien worlds, interact with varied alien species, fight and survive against new enemies, and make decisions that alter a branching storyline.

Will you be a kind space savior or an unpleasant cosmic jerk? Will you be a friendly trader or a cowardly pirate? Will you seek help from others or take what you want from them by force? Make your choice and feel the consequences.
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First stretch goal to help me finish licensing the last few tools needed to work on AlphaBeta!
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