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is creating Project Amaranth
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Support Project Amaranth and become a Citizen!

-   Access to our exclusive Discord Channel

-   Name in the credits of PA

-   A faded Amaranth red name tag in game *

-   A special in game emote *

-   Sunglasses with rims that change color based on element *

*will be implemented at a later date (patron will receive only those items without stars at this time)

Includes Discord rewards
Town Guard
per month

Protect the Citizens of Project Amaranth!

-  All of the benefits of a Citizen

-  An Amaranth red name tag in game *

-  A mysterious mask *

*will be implemented at a later date

per month

Provide a Lord or Lady to Project Amaranth!

-  All of the benefits above

-  Any color name tag in game *

-  Special Q&A chat with the developers *

-   Emerald Torch Bug Pet (butterfly-like creature) *

*will be implemented at a later date

Includes Discord rewards




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About Nona Collective

Who are we?

Greetings! Nona Collective is a group of college students and interested people developing a video game titled Project Amaranth! Our demo is open now and available for you to play!

We love doing what we do.

The reality is that developing a game takes money and we could really use your help and support in furthering our cause.

The great thing is that you receive amazing gifts for your help! We try to provide as much as we can to show our appreciation.

Why Patreon?

Patreon allows us to show how much we appreciate our community by providing you with exclusive items for donators. With your direct support, we can provide funding for our developers, pay for website hosting, and potentially fund our own servers with enough money. If this Patreon goes well we will certainly add more prizes. Just stick around!

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$4 of $12 per month
Starting off small

This will cover our monthly website costs! With this small amount, we will be able to pay for the website without having to pay out of pocket.
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