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About Lost In Texas

LOST IN TEXAS came to be from a single thought: "I don't feel at home here."

Three friends found that, while their circumstances were different, they had a common feeling: they felt lost. There wasn't a place that felt like home and they wanted to find where they belonged. To do that, they needed to travel, to have new adventures. They not only wanted to travel, they wanted to learn, they wanted to explore and share the stories that weren't written in their textbooks.

An adventure doesn't always have to take you to a new country. Each of them has their own wishes for the Lost In Texas project, but the goal is the same: Research, Explore, Preserve. And whether that is a trip a haunted location near home or a country on the other side of the world, we want to learn, and we want to share what we learn with people like you.


"This is a dream come true for me: to travel, to write, to tell stories that were left out of my history books." - Amanda

"I was promised free food." - Haley

"I was promised free beer!" - Chantelle

"Am I the only one taking this seriously?!" - Amanda

With our Patrons' support we would be able to venture out with the ability to stay longer and investigate further. Knowing that there is a base that looks forward to our work would encourage us to share as much as we can, from the good to the bad and always the ugly. 

Any support is good support, so everything you contribute helps.

Thank you!

~With Love ~
Lost In Texas Team
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Texas is a big place, but with this goal we are able to hop in a car once or twice a month to get to our destinations and back home again. 
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