Matthew Heiman

is creating a show about developing a new household utilities system.

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Earth, it supports us all as our foundation.
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Fire, shows us the way through our dark past to our brightest future.
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Wind, propelled us to the farthest coasts of our world.




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Want to watch me create a revolutionary home utilities system?

Sunlight to electricity is spectacular but if it's not used when it's made then it's pointless. We could combine that light with on-site feedstock (your sewer and trash) and create a carbon negative fuel source.

Have you heard of that before? Carbon negative? Well, burning coal is carbon positive, biofuels are carbon neutral but if you take the charcoal created through this process and bury it back in the ground, it becomes carbon negative. 

The other proposed processes of sequestering carbon bury the oxygen with it, in the form of carbon dioxide. CO2 is a gas and even though they intend to put it deep in the ground that doesn't mean it will stay in the ground. Solids on the other hand have no chance of seeping out of the ground.
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The goal is to increase the amount of time that I can pursue development of this system, the social media platforms to distribute knowledge of the system, and the videography of the development and production of the system.
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