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Hello! My name is Julian Salin. I created the channel of Project Skepticism with the express goal of spreading a skeptical mindset around the world.

As part of my journey, I will try to put sources and links in the description [especially primary sources], and make a clear distinction when I'm talking fact vs talking opinion. This is not an invite to take my word for it. This is so important that I have to say it again: This is not an invite to take my word for it.

The whole point of putting sources in the description is so that you, the people, can fact check my videos. If I get something wrong, let me know, preferably in the form of a response video. Especially if you're a doctor and I'm talking health or nutrition or you're a lawyer and I'm talking law. Just watching my videos and spreading it around without checking the sources is antithetical to my channel's vision. It's just not skepticism.
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