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About Christopher Hamill

Hey There.

So I'm just starting out on a new(ish) Project. Getting back into painting miniature models, focusing on Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 range.

I painted many years ago and is something I really wish I kept up. now it's been a rough year of me, so forgive the cliche but I want to make this new year much better and i'm starting by getting back into something I loved doing.

so I'm hoping someone likes what I do enough to join along as I go from being an amateur again and building up my skills as a painter.

As the army grows I'll start to do Battle Reports as well, I already have a few friends interested in helping out and playing so why not let the audience watch me get my ass handed to me by someone who is literally 10 years younger then me :p

Enjoy :)

$0 of $100 per month
Get some equipment to start up.

Mostly camera supplies to help with filming videos in these early days along with some additional models to paint. Don't want to end up with nothing to paint :P

New paints and brushes will be bought soon (if they haven't been by the time you're reading this) Check out my Instagram and Twitter for updates on that. Search for Project Umbra Painting, you'll find me :P

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