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Hi. I'm Prolux and i make Youtube videos to spread my love of manga, lightnovels and the people who create them.

It takes me a stupid long amount of time to just make a single video. I went ahead and listed the time it takes me to make them below, it's kinda really annoying due to the amount of work. I have to make lots of videos ahead of time to keep up... hopefully with patreon i can afford to get an editor or two so that i can make even more videos and or make it a bit easier on me.

List Video: 20-30 Hours Editing, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 Hours Recording, 3 - 4 Hours Research .
Good Authors: 8-20 Hours Editing. 1-2 Hours Recording. 1-5 Hours Research.
RTM: 3-6 Hours Editing & Recording.
LN List: 15-20 Hours Editing, 1 - 2 Hours Recording, 2 - 5 Hours Research.
Random Manga/LN: 10-20 Hours Editing. 1- 1 1/2 Hour Recording. 1-3 Hours Research.
WTR: 15-20 Hours Editing, 1-2 Hours Recording, 5-8 Hours Research.

It takes really long to make a video and almost all of my videos are made a week or two prior so that i never get backed up and always have something to upload. As from above, you can see how long it takes to edit just a list video

Anyways, that's all i really do. If you decide to become a patron to me, i give you my thanks and if you don't, that's ok as well, all i really care about is you all enjoying my videos.
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Relive my grinding pain by helping me earn a little bit of money...
(This used to be a goal to hire an editor, but once i started looking into it, i vastley underestimated how much it would cost)
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