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I'm Phoenix, a 20 year old disabled trans girl currently stuck in a hostel. I've made this Patreon because I can't leave this hostel until I'm earning enough to live on without benefits.

Since I've been here I've been terrified constantly, there has been three police raids on other people living here, I have been harassed and called slurs and staff refuse to do anything. I fear for my live while I live here.

I sadly cannot offer much to help, I'm low on money so I can't really make physical items to show you, I can't paint or write, and my depression and chronic pain stops me from doing a lot of things.

Once I manage to start getting enough money to build things, I will give Patreons exclusive behind the scenes and parts of the build process. Possibly even videos on how to make them!
$158.82 of $1,300 per month
With this goal, I break even and no longer need to rely on benefits to survive, thank you so much.
Any money between this goal and the next will go towards projects that are infrequent, and my quality of life.
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