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About Proto Pixel

--------A little bit about me--------

I'm a game artist, or at least i want to be one. I'm making 2 games on my own and i'm helping in another one, also i was part of the "Monigote Fantasy" cast as an artist and i love it.

My aim with this patreon is to live from this, to make games and art, but it is not posible for the moment, not here in my country.
I would love to make all kind of stuff for you, like videos, tutorials, or as i said games :P and this would help a lot. I do pixelart and i also draw in classic and digital, but lately most of my art is pixelart, that's why i focus on it. 

I love doing pixelart in retro stylie, like:
NES                    SNES
and Gameboy
(to name a few)...
I'm also learning to program games in programs like Construct2 and Godot (i know, i know, those are easy to use, i'm a newbie)
I'm still new at this so for the moment i'll show what i have and can.
Here's some of my early works


And maybe some of you might know this one ^^

Thankyou, really thankyou for helping me make this dream come true

PS: my Facebook page is a little low on updates lately but that'll change eventually so stay tuned for news ^^
$0 of $250 per month
For the moment this will be the one and only goal for this patreon, with this amount i could start making a living from this, if i get to this i'll make a new one with juicy and interesting reward (i promess :P)
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