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So hey, I guess I'm supposed to use this as a bio/thank you type thing so here goes. Well, My name is Alex, and I'm a game designer, or at least I try. Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to make people happy, entertain them, and the only way I knew that worked was gaming. I remember my dad coming home from work to three rounds of TDM on the original MW.  He always looked so tired coming through that door but no matter how bad he did in-game, he always seems so much more full of life, more energetic.  That's what I want to make people feel, every day. That's my dream, that's my inspiration for doing what I do.  Just by visiting this page and reading this, you've helped me live that dream, so thank you. I hope you stick around to see what's coming, and I hope to have your support in this endeavor of mine.
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So, I've been deemed worthy of your money, I thank you. So, with this added income I can shed some stress.  First off I'll use this for a better computer or some better software to make these things. Free ain't always the best.
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