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Hi and welcome to my channel, im pastor Raj, I have dedicated my life to the Lord and I have found salvation in the Lords love. your continued support helps me continue to provide this channel so that I may spread the word of Lord our god and give other people the opportunity to feel the Lords love in their hearts. 

I remember one day i met a homeless person and started to talk with him about the Lord, the man had nothing in his life but he said 'I love the Lord' I asked him where his faith comes from and his reply was simple 
'I ask the lord for many things and he does not provide, so I asked the Lord, I am your child why do you not give me what I ask for, and the Lord said to me, My child I do not give you what you ask for but i do give you everything you need, and for that I love him.
May Lord our god bless you and shine his light upon you and all those around around, may you go forth and spread the word of the Lord in both your words and your actions and let the lord guide your heart.
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