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Greetings, forest fairies, merfolk, and unspeakable horrors of the 5th dimension!

(..and greetings, those few of you who are humans in disguise.)

I'm going to start by assuming if you made it to this page, you probably already know about  my music, or went to a show, or saw a music video, or supported one of my Kickstarter projects. If not, skip to the Psyche Corporation Backstory below...

First, thank you so much for supporting me and my music. It really means a lot to me that there are people (and unspeakable horrors) out there who enjoy the work I do. Although I like to use a lot of fantastical and science fiction-y themes in my storylines, the emotional lives of my characters feel very real to me when I'm putting their songs together. Even though I am not a mermaid or a sinister corporate overlord of the dream manufacture industry (or am I?), I still love to get into character when I'm recording and experience a world refreshingly different (or is it?) from my own. Whenever I hear back from fans that they've connected to the song or the narrative I've put together, it's an amazing feeling to know someone else out there 'gets' me.

Now, what is this Patreon thing? Why am I on Patreon?

    If this is your first's a quick overview: Artists have been supported by patrons and sponsors for centuries, but usually only a few of the most famous ones. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, William Shakespeare.. all of them had financial support from wealthy nobility or clergymen of their times, who either commissioned large-scale art projects or simply helped with some living expenses here and there. Now, I'm certainly not like them, but there still might be a few folks out there in the wide world who would like to see more of what I do. Those few folks might not be Popes or Italian nobility--they might only have a couple dollars to spare. But if you combine all those folks together through the magic of the Internet, they might collectively have enough for me to be able to up my game and production values. That's what Patreon tries to do: collect all the people who want to see more of my kind of art in the world, and put us all in touch so the magic can happen.

    If you're a fan of Psyche Corporation and want to support me in the creation of new songs and song-related art (such as music videos or more sophisticated stage productions of my concerts), Patreon is a way for you to do that. I'm pretty new to Patreon, so as I put out more posts I'll be reading your comments and welcoming discussion and feedback so things can keep evolving to be better and better. I want to thank you in advance for helping me put a little more of my style of art into this world.

How is this different from my Kickstarter projects?

    To paraphrase a well-known Patreon creator (AFP), "Kickstarter is a like a serious date, Patreon is like getting married." I've previously used Kickstarter to fund manufacturing costs for new albums, or production costs for particularly ambitious music video projects. These kinds of projects tend to be very labor/planning/time-intensive for me, so I realistically only get around to doing them about once a year or once every couple years.

   Patreon, for me, represents a way to have a steadier and more frequent connection with people who are interested in the long haul of nurturing the artist-patron relationship through actual art/music work arising from our interaction. I want it to be personal; I want us to care about each other; I want to be drinking coffee on Sunday morning reading a message you wrote me about an obscure song you found on the internet that elicits an emotion I haven't explored in my work yet but which you think I'd totally love to try someday.

   Also, the potential of having a more reliable/consistent funding stream for music could open a lot of doors for me that Kickstarter isn't set up to do: it could pay for advanced voice training lessons, or for replacing second-hand music studio equipment with something newer and more current, or for adding accessories to the live show (such as light displays) to take my performance craft to the next level. These kinds of incremental improvements all cost money, and I don't always know if it's a reasonable financial risk to take because I don't know how much people really want to support and see more of..what I could do.

    I don't know if any of this will happen, but I'm here, asking you if this sounds like something you want, too.

What THINGS do you get as a subscriber?

    I'm planning to put out songs (covers and originals) on YouTube or other streaming Internet outlets whenever I finish them. Unlike other people on the Internet however, YOU the subscriber will be able to download the mp3 of these songs (I'll charge Per Song, so you'll always get a specific  thing for your money), instead of having to stream them. (Also, a lot of these songs may only be available in a truncated preview format on YouTube. By subscribing, you are always able to get the whole thing!) Many/most of these songs will eventually be put together on whatever my next album is, at which point the mp3s will be available to the general public via iTunes etc when that album is released. But YOU, my subscriber friend, YOU get to buy the mp3s before they're available to anyone else, before the album even comes out! AND, if any of the songs get additional mastering for the album, I'll send you a free copy of the newly mastered versions when the album comes out, as soon as I get them back from my person who does the mastering.

   Now admittedly these are more modest type prizes than what I offer on Kickstarter, since this Patreon relationship is for folks who want to commit to more of a long-term sponsorship rather than shorter and less frequent transactions. It's up to you whether you want that kind of relationship with me or if you want to keep things more casual and remain a non-Patreon fan.

What will I use this funding for?

     I've sort of already alluded to what I'd use the funding for, earlier in this description, but I want to be really clear here in case there's any confusion: 100% of this funding will go toward my music career-related expenses. I appreciate that many artists depend entirely on income from their art to support themselves (pay rent, food, health insurance, etc), and/or many artists use Patreon as a way to move toward an ultimate goal of quitting their day jobs and doing ONLY their art as a way to make a living. I completely respect that. I really love doing the music work I do, and spending more time doing it would be lovely. But in my particular case, I also really enjoy my Other Job (which I'm not going to discuss much here). My Other Job doesn't necessarily pay a lot, but it does take care of my personal living expenses (rent, food, health insurance etc). Therefore, I will not use my Patreon funding on things that aren't music career-related because (1) I don't need to, and (2) My ultimate goal is not to quit my day job -- I love doing music and I love the work I do in my Other Job* and my ideal life involves doing both things. I've been doing both things for about 10 years already, and it's been awesome.

*If you know about my Other Job and other life, please please don't talk about it on the Internet.

    I anticipate that the funding from Patreon will be spent in 3 main ways (but mostly the first two in the list):

1. Paying other people who help on Psyche Corporation projects. I know a number of artists and musicians who ARE trying to do their art/music full-time, and who would LOVE to work with me on a music video project or contribute a piece of thematic costuming or graphic design for a poster, but they are struggling to stay afloat financially as it is and need to be compensated enough so they can keep doing what they do. 

2. Travel expenses for faraway music events that can't afford to cover the full cost of my travel. I've performed at a LOT of conventions across North America, but there are also a lot more conventions who were interested in booking me but didn't have enough travel budget left over to bring me to their venue. Having a little extra funding ear-marked as financial aid for Psyche Corp. shows in new parts of the world I haven't performed before would really help with this.

3. Studio or Performance equipment. I use a second-hand MOTU Traveler preamp that has a broken Analog 1 channel, and have used this same preamp since 2008. Some day, it might completely break down and I'll need to buy a new preamp. Having some funding from Patreon would help me get something nice. Similarly, some day I might want to upgrade the quality of my stage performance by getting a nice set piece or lighting display. Patreon funding could help with that.

Psyche Corporation Backstory

    Psyche Corporation is an NYC-based fairytale cyber/steampunk band fronted by a former Ladies of Steampunk model and programmer who combines dance with a powerhouse vocal range. The band is named after a dream manufacture group from a future where neural implants allow people to download dreams from the Internet. Songs deal in dystopian themes as well as more lighthearted filk works, such as "Perl-Operated Boy". The musical style spans genres of trip-hop, electro-rock, and world music.

    The band first began playing live in 2007, and over the years has included dancers, guitarists, and a cellist at various points, but the one constant is vocalist/producer/frontwoman Psyche Chimère. Between 2006-2015, Psyche Corporation released 5 original albums (4 LPs, one EP) of strange stories set to strange music, most of which is available on iTunes or CD Baby or streamable from YouTube and BandCamp. During the same time period, Psyche Corp. has performed extensively across North America, with notable appearances at Steamstock in California, Time Traveler's Ball in Cincinnati, A-kon and Ikkicon in Texas, Drac's Ball in Philly, Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey, FanEXPO Toronto, RuffleCon and Connecticon in Connecticut, AnimeUSA in Washington D.C., and many other events.

Electronic Press Kit:

$74 of $100 per song
When I reach $100 per song, I'll be more financially able to do shows in places I haven't gone before (like the Southern states, or the Northwest, or other countries). I'll let you suggest places/conventions/festivals I could go to spread my music! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
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