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About Psychic Lanna

Hello and welcome... I have practiced in the metaphysical realm for over 30 years All reading sessions are sacred to me and confidential. You may ask me anything. I provide intuitive counseling to my clients, utilizing my psychic intuition, astrological, numerology, mediumship and Past Life Regressions. I'd like to tell you what a typical reading is like, but there is simply no such thing! Once we are connected together, I never know what's going to come through - every reading I have ever done has been its own journey, both spiritually, and emotionally. I am a healer and healing is always part of ANY reading. We are all in a process of healing, of restoration. My personal story is all about restoration and redemption. I have performed thousands of readings and I am a full-time professional. I am living my life purpose and I'm here to serve all.

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