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These include articles and YouTube videos. I will produce monthly articles for the website, and create weekly YouTube content on Thursday's. I will provide these videos to you on Tuesdays via Patreon.  I will provide the article I write first and then post it to the website two days later. 
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At this level, I will grant you one private 45 minute Skype session a month, and we can discuss any issues or I can answer any questions regarding voluntaryism, relational anarchism, psychology, psychedelics. psychiatry, and psychedelics.

(Note: I am training to be a counselor and I cannot ethically conduct therapy or counseling with anyone).
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My name is Sterlin Luxan, the Psychologic Anarchist. I am a professional writer, editor, research assistant, and aspiring counseling psychologist. I write articles and record educational videos on my webpage and Youtube channels.

I have also written a peer reviewed scholarly article for the International Journal of Reality Therapy. I take special interest in the psychological, compassionate, and therapeutic aspects of anarchism.

I have started a community geared toward teaching anarchists how to deal with their emotions, handle trauma, and create relational communities. I hope to continue growing these communities with your support moving forward. I have recently launched the YouTube channel and now a lot of time, patience, and energy has gone into making the best possible content. I also have a BA in psychology and I am currently working on a graduate degree in clinical counseling.

With your assistance, I can continue to work, improve the quality of my content, purchase better video equipment, and otherwise produce more content. I will offer reward incentives that involve my particular skill set in return for your monetary contributions. 

If you find value in what I am doing, I would appreciate any assistance you can offer. 

Thank you. 

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My first goal is just to get people on board with my mission in spreading relational anarchism by spreading this Patreon account and getting folks excited about the work I am doing.

This 50 dollars will instantly let me know that people share my vision, and I will be incentivized to create more and be the best I can. 
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