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About Mikeal Clark

Hello, my name is Mikeal. I am a 20 year old artist who is really all over the place. I write my own music, draw, paint (mostly digital art), and sometimes come up with crazy/cool ideas for inventions. I have a strong interest in science and try to publicly advocate it if and when I can. However, my life situation hasn't exactly been very stable, let alone supportive for any of my creative avenues. At this point in my life I can mainly only do minor things, and don't do any kind of videos because I have no good ways to record or edit anything. I couldn't even call what I do/make projects. But I'll keep making them, and if you like what I do and want to see more, or help me expand and get better at making my art, feel free to! Any and all help is greatly appreciated and will allow me to not only continue doing what I like, but will also help me support my family in the process.

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