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About Michi

My Name is Michelle, many of you might know me by Psyconorikan. I've drawn since I was about seven years old, and I wanna take the next step in making a living with art!

What I do?
I'm a digital and traditional anime style artist. I do all sort of things, but I specialize in drawing human characters. I really don't have any limits in trying new things, however!

Why am I using Patreon?
For years I drew as a hobby. But due to the life of an adult, I haven't been able to draw as much as I used to. I want that to change! I want to be able to finally start serious work on my comic, and make a living doing art! I'm here in hopes that the site might be the first step in that direction!

What will I do?
I will do mainly anime illustrations! There will also be many other things besides that (especially when requested of certain Patreons!) I look forward to starting the new year with Patreon!
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Once I reach this goal, I feel like I'll be able to produce more works for you guys! I'll be able to down on work hours and focus more on art at this point.
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