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Public Space Travel is a leftist podcast dedicated to intersectional social/political critique, cultural studies, comedy, and education. 

Listen on major podcast/music sites e.g. itunes, spotify, stitcher, or here:

It originated from the ideas that: Knowledge ought to be more public as opposed to inaccessible due to academic paywalls and lack of resources; That democracy is an ongoing and necessary process for liberation; and that social justice requires an intersectional, decolonizing and anti-capitalist approach. 

We strive for that P R A X I S (Theory and Action).

We talk about current events.
Sometimes we play a continuing narrative RPG.
Sometimes we drink too much coffee and talk about random interesting shit.

But we always come come from an anti-hierarchy/oppression perspective, we aim for progressive/radical left solidarity with brothers/sisters/trans and non-binary folk of all stripes.

Who the ?
Lazarus Wolf (@PSTLazarus): A PhD student and Anarchx-adjunct professor, trained in philosophy but agrees that "Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it."

Luci (@PSTLuci): An anarchist philosophically and a communist politically. Voted most likely to watch the world burn. Has a background in music and web development. Lurker 4 lyfe.

Mar(x) aka Shadow Producer (@PSTinTheShadows):  A student of the 1s and 2s; a scholar of the wheels of steel.  Combining leftist social and political ideology and an interest in audio engineering to produce this pod. 

Hunty (@PSTHunty): An advocate for social justice, equity, and revolution as necessary.

Lichen ("A Twitter Luddite for life."): Newest to the PST crew. A grad student/writer/teacher/learner working the boundaries between academia and activism, art and science, Neutral Good and something far more cynical...

How the ?
Listen on major podcast/music sites e.g. itunes, spotify, stitcher, or here:

Leave us Voicemails: (208) 502-1406

Write us Emails: [email protected]
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When we reach 50 Patrons, we will have the resources needed for doing at least two shows a month, which will include a continuing narrative RPG series!
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