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This is just a general "Thank you for what you do!" donation. ^__^ 

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  • Exclusive videos just for Patreon with lot's of experimental stuff and content that would probably get demonetized on YouTube! :P

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  • This is for those of you that really want to boost my ability to continue to do what I do. I will give you a special shout out in each monthly video and on my social media.




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About Pudding ASMR

Hey Dreamers!
I go by "Pudding" on the internet but my real name is Justin. I've been creating content for around 5 years now on YouTube and have been an artist all of my life. This Patreon has gone through a few different changes and updates over time, as my career has grown, and I'm very excited for this recent revamp. 

Each of your pledges over the years have helped me make sure my bills are paid so that I can focus on creating. This is currently still the goal! But over the next few years I would love to see this support flourish even more so that I can start traveling and guest spotting at different tattoo shops and be able to have the opportunity to tattoo some of you!

Every pledge is seen as equal in my heart and every little bit counts.

I can't thank everyone enough, that has pledged old and new, and will never tire of saying how much you mean to me. 

I hope I can do my best to earn your pledge and have you be a member of the Pudding Pack!!
$1,120 of $1,200 per month
Holy smokes Batman! hahah One step closer to being able to pay all of my monthly expenses. Achieving this next goal will allow me to pay off my car note as well as monthly rent!
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