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You are a hoarder of rewards and a beautiful sky noodle!

You gain access to a monthly illustration - SFW or NSFW, commission discounts, alternate NSFW illustration versions, NSFW art suggestions, all previous tier rewards and my thanks!

The monthly illustration overwrites the monthly bust sketch.




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About Puddlez


Welcome to my Patreon and thank you for considering supporting me! My name is Becky Galloway but I go under the name Sliver-of-moonlight on deviantArt, Puddlezmcgoo or Puddlez for short.

I have been creating digital art for 13 years as a hobby and have wanted to pursue it as a career for a few years, which is where this patreon comes in.

What I can do for you
I very much enjoy creating art for others and sharing my art in itself, but I would be very grateful of any and all support I can get!
If you decide to support me in this cause, you can receive the following things (depending on your pledge amount, that is!):

Full resolution digital illustrations, no matter how big the picture may be. Sketches, a weekly bundle of 5+ sketches, varying different content e.g. studies, original characters, fan art and more. PSD files of my digital illustrations. A monthly patron sketch each month, a first look at designs for sale with an early purchase and NSFW content!
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I will open up my own etsy store!
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