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  • This will allow you access to behind the scenes of videos, build ideas & future series, you get to help shape my channel
  • You will also get to chat with me nearly daily!
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My name is Puddzee, I'm an Australian Female YouTuber that has been making content since 2014. I am best known for 
my minecraft videos and most recently my videos on the SMP TimeShot. Asides from YouTube I freelance as a graphic designer, web designer & fullstack developer. My dream is to put more focus on YouTube.

My main focus of my YouTube channel is to grow a community. You guys are the reason I continue to love doing YouTube & without you my channel wouldn't be what it is today. I continue to improve my quality and also the number of videos I can produce. The more support I get for this the more likely it is that I can do YouTube on a fulltime bases.

While growing my community through minecraft videos the name "Aussie Assassin" appeared, it is now what I call my little community, you're all my Aussie Assassin team & we're slowly taking over ;D

To become a Patreon, an Aussie Assassin you can pledge as little as $1. There is a number of rewards & I am constantly working on improving them for you all. I appreciate any little bit & any pledge will give you access to my private Aussie Assassin Discord where you will see behind the scenes of episodes and be able to chat with me nearly daily!

Patreon rewards are given at the end of the month once payment has cleared.
Patreon rewards are subject to change from time to time as i work to give you guys the best rewards <3
$14 of $50 per month
Patreon ONLY Minecraft Server

  • This will allow me to play with you guys regularly & during discord hangouts we can play on the server
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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