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Thank you for choosing to support me! Every little bit helps and I couldn't be more honored! You will have access to all my patreon exclusive content at low resolution :) Including but not limited to:
• Sketches
• Works in Progress
• Extra goodies
• Completed Works
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A little goes a long way! Along with access to all patreon exclusive content, I will also have a special request box set up. patrons at this pledge and higher can send in requests for me to draw in my free time! A sketch or drawing is not guaranteed at this level and drawings will only be done in my free time. However I'd like to reward those who wants to give a little more as a thank you!:
• Sketches
• Works in Progress
• Extra goodies
• Completed Works
○ Request Box access (this reward is not available until $100 milestone goal is reached)
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At this tier you will have access to all Patreon exclusive content listed above!
Not only that but you will receive a monthly sketch in the mail from me from my personal sketch book! I draw so often and its a shame that some of these get simply thrown away when maybe someone out there would enjoy them :)
• Sketches
• Works in Progress
• Extra goodies
• Completed Works
○ Request Box access
○ Monthly Sketch in the mail (this reward is not available until $200 milestone goal is reached)




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About Ruby

Hello my name is Ruby. Welcome to my Patreon page! I appreciate you stopping by to look around! Please consider donating 

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a place where supporters (Such as yourself!) can donate to creators to help continue the work they are passionate about! This is my personal Patreon page! You can choose to support me here by making a small monthly donation so I can pursue my artwork and further my goals as an artist ☺

What are you creating?
I create cartoons specializing in canines and anthropomorphic characters. I'm passionate about creating custom designs and specific works for graphic design in a variety of products. A few are posted in my online store Urban Coyote Wearz and available for purchase. I am always working to create better products in a bigger variety for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

Why Support?
I'm so grateful to those folks out there who appreciate my art work and want to see me continue it as a personal passion of mine. I'm already baffled by the amount of support I've received throughout the years and couldn't be more honored.
However our passions don't always pay our bills X__X I would love to dedicate more time to my artwork, especially my personal works. However with bills piling up all the time, between 
commissions and day jobs there simply isn't enough time or money to always create the content I'd like to.
That is where YOU a valued supporter can come in! With a small monthly donation from supporters 
like you, I can afford to take some time away from other things and apply that to my ar
twork! To create more content for all of you to enjoy!
As thank you for your constant support I'll have some rewards set up 
exclusive to patrons! 
Although some rewards are strictly exclusive to patrons donors. Much of my work will still be available to the public ☺ I want to make more content for everyone, but it truly means the world to me that you would want to help support my art financially.
Yes that's right! To thank those who choose to support me here. I'll have some exclusive content just on patreon such as work in progress pictures, psd files, and care packages that will be mailed out to you! Even some surprise gifts that I won't list until later ♥
That being said! Some rewards will not be available until certain milestones are reached. I would love to be sending out stickers to everyone right away but I would hate to bite off more then I can chew. I also can not offer shipping outside the US at this time.
On the left side of my patreon page you can see a list of milestone goals I have ☺chew and disappoint anyone. Any reward with a "○" next to it is not available yet.
Even though some rewards are not yet available you are more than welcome (if not encouraged) to donate as much or as little as you like. ☺ Editing your pledge is not a problem and can be done in your settings every easily! If an edit it required, please edit pledges only after the next pay cycle as a courtesy to me. Thank you! If you are pledging an amount that you receive gifts in the mail but do not wish to receive mail please message me :)

$42 of $100 per month
My first milestone! With this goal reached I want to thank everyone who supports me on a monthly basis! I will have a special request box where patrons can request artwork from me for free! Something I don't offer any where else :) This will be a place for me that, in my spare time, I can go and pick out a request as a personal thank you from me! Artwork will not be guarenteed on a monthly basis and the extent of competion with vary from peice to peice :)
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