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is creating Custom Handmade Chainmail Designs and Nails

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Hi my name is Angela or PurpleMyst. 

My companies are Mystic Vintage Designs and Mystic Vintage Nails.

Also a Tik Tok Creator names PurpleMyst.

I am a stay at home mom. I currently run a small business from home, making handmade custom chainmail designs from home. My site is new and will be updated with a lot more designs soon. Check it out at

I also am an independent Stylist for color street on the side called Mystic Vintage Nails. You can order any of the nails shown through come check us out.

My husband I also enjoy making Tik Tok videos for fun and working on cars together on the side. My Tik Tok name is PurpleMyst and his is Jebberz56.

I also enjoy gaming on PC or Xbox1 so maybe we can play together some time.

We have two little girls that have loved learning to work on vehicles and also love wearing and showing off any chainmail designs I make for them. 

I have been making jewelry for years and did it for fun at home. Finally I turned it into a business. I love bright colors or old vintage styles on jewelry. I also love making products that work perfect for others and matching personalities to what they wear. Nothing better then making someone happy. Everything is handmade by myself. 

Also check us out on:

Instagram @MysticVinDesign

Facebook group or page

Facebook group or page 

if you wish to show your support.

In my free time I enjoy doing Car Show fundraisers to raise money for local or big companies like Amber Alert, Autism awareness, Toys for Tots, Support Our Troops, The Shriner's Hospital for Children and so on. Currently at home we ask all our friends to help donate all bottle cap tops for The Shriner's Hospital for Children in Minnesota, all caps are recycled and used to help children get wheel chairs. I will also list all up coming charities on twitter and on my twitch page and will do fundraiser steams for each of these events before they happen.

I also love playing and streaming video games on PC and Xbox 1. I play a lot of GTA5, Destiny, Destiny 2 and many more games on Xbox One. Also I play H1Z1, Minecraft, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds and other games on PC. I am always happy to play with others so don't be afraid to ask. I stream from my laptop. I also have an open discord for people to talk any chance they get, I am on it daily. I have patron rewards for each tier. Open for people to hang out, talk in chat, share what they are working on, see early creations and vote on possible future creations or photos. I will also have new designs I do with chainmail or company advertisements shown early only through patreon. 

I am here trying new stuff out and trying to meet more people who enjoy what I do. Also make friends and have fun with people in this community.

Still setting up and will change tiers and rewards as we go along, to better set up for needs of the patreons to make sure your happy. Along with merchandise discounts that work for everyone. I will be posting videos and pictures of ideas and new items.

If you become a patreon i I will make sure you keep up to date on all the fundraiser streams, new products, new designs, new photos, new projects, polls on anything we need to vote on, and any new information or discounts. I am still new to all this so bare with me through this and im sure we will have a great time.

Thanks and I hope to see you as a patron soon and welcome to the Fam. <3 <3 <3

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One new nice Knipex Electronics Pliers for Designing and making chainmail. It would be nice for a little upgrade. They would work perfect for a good amount of things I work on and would help improve quality and speed of the making process.
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