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Bread Bro
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The Discord role "Bread Bro" will allow you to use external emojis in the PurpleBread server.

Neat Bread
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The Discord role "Neat Bread" will give you access to an exclusive voice channel where we can hang out and play games. Includes "Bread Bro" role.

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The Discord role "Amazebread" will allow you to access to the "Amazebread" text chat. Message me there and I'll finish what game I'm playing so that I can join you or you can join me, unless I happen to be streaming. Includes "Bread Bro" and "Neat Bread" roles.

Honorary Bread
per month

The Discord role "Honorary Bread" will allow you to give other people nicknames. Includes all other roles.




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I'm a broke college kid who's just looking for some side money doing something I love. If you like what you see, please consider donating. If you don't like it, please consider donating anyway and I'll love you forever.

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