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Thanks!  Any support is good support, and now you'll also get to see sketches and concept art from my sketchbooks!  which can include any variety of things, from sneak peaks at future projects, to just neat little ideas I felt up to putting down!




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About Giovanni

Hi, my name is Giovanni, and I am a nonbinary person who has a passion for art, character design, and similar.  I'd like to be able to pursue this passion in the form of a career, so I figure here is a good start!

I'm hoping that I can get something of a steady income, since as I currently stand, many of the mediums of art I enjoy and wish to continue doing are not available to me, since I'm now out of school and no longer have access to the resources it provided

Funding will also help me go for even more forms of art that I couldn't go for before, such as music and game design.  This could help bolster my career, as well as give all of you a taste of what I have to offer!

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